Clash of Clans: Best TH12 War Base Layouts

Best War Base Designs for TH12 in August 2023

Designing a strong base for wars in Clash of Clans is important, as every Clasher knows. For our readers, we’ve put together a brand-new collection of the best war base layouts specifically for Town Hall 12 (TH12).

These layouts have been carefully selected to match the most effective attack strategies used in 2023. So, get ready to optimize your village and dominate your clan wars with these top-notch war base designs!

War Base #1

TH12 War Base Layout August 2023

Let’s break down the first war layout for a Town Hall 12 base. The Town Hall is positioned on the right side, where we’ve strategically placed two Giant Bombs and an X-Bow nearby. In the same compartment as the Town Hall, we have the Barbarian King, a Mortar, and an Air Defense for added protection.

On the left side, there’s another compartment that plays a major role in safeguarding the Eagle Artillery. Here, you’ll find the Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Hidden Teslas, Cannon, X-Bow, Mortar, and Air Defense. That’s a big list of defenses just to keep the Eagle Artillery safe and sound.

The Clan Castle is thoughtfully placed in the center of the base, making it harder for attackers to lure out its troops. The troops in your Clan Castle are vital for defending your village, so this base layout ensures they won’t be easily wiped out.

Base Link: Copy Layout

War Base #2

TH12 War Base Layout August 2023

Let’s explore the second war base layout for TH12, which is another well-designed base. This time, the Town Hall is strategically placed at the center of the base, enhancing its defense.

The Clan Castle is also positioned in the center, sharing a wall compartment with the Town Hall, making it more challenging for attackers to target both. In this compartment, we have two X-Bows, a couple of traps, and a Hidden Tesla, reinforcing the defense around the core of your base.

The Eagle Artillery is located on the left side, protected within its own compartment. To further defend this important defense, we have two Archer Towers, two Wizard Towers, two Cannons, and the Grand Warden positioned nearby.

For added protection, the Archer Queen is placed closer to the Town Hall on the bottom side within a separate wall compartment. Likewise, the Barbarian King is positioned on the top side of the Town Hall in his own compartment, creating distinct layers of defense.

To ensure all sides of the base are well-guarded against air-based threats, the Air Defenses are thoughtfully scattered throughout the base, providing comprehensive coverage. With this strategically arranged base layout, your Town Hall 12 base will stand strong against enemy attacks during wars in Clash of Clans.

Base Link: Copy Layout

War Base #3

TH12 War Base Layout August 2023

Let’s explore the third war base layout for Town Hall 12. This one features the Town Hall positioned on the left side of the base, enclosed within its own compartment.

In this compartment, we’ve placed important defenses like the Archer Tower, Grand Warden, Wizard Tower, X-Bow, and Air Defense, forming a strong defensive cluster around the Town Hall.

Additionally, an Air Sweeper is strategically placed on the right side, making it challenging for air troops to advance towards the Town Hall.

As with the previous layouts, the Clan Castle is once again located in the center of the base, ensuring that the Clan Castle troops are hard to eliminate.

The Eagle Artillery is situated in its own wall compartment, shared by a couple of other defense buildings. This time, it’s positioned on the top side of the base, alongside the Archer Queen, Mortar, Air Defense, X-Bow, and Wizard Tower. This arrangement creates a powerful defensive core to deter attackers.

Ensuring comprehensive protection against air attack strategies, the Air Defenses are thoughtfully distributed across all four sides of the base. Furthermore, the Inferno Towers are strategically placed at various points, as depicted in the base image.

Base Link: Copy Layout

War Base #4

TH12 War Base Layout for August 2023

Let’s explore the fourth impressive war base layout for Town Hall 12. This base features a strategic use of multiple wall compartments, enhancing its overall defense.

The Town Hall is positioned on the bottom side, closely protected by walls. Surrounding the Town Hall, you’ll find three Archer Towers, two Cannons, and a couple of traps.

Moving to the top side of the Town Hall, there’s another wall compartment housing important defenses, such as the Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Inferno Tower, both Air Sweepers, and a Wizard Tower. This arrangement forms a powerful defensive layer that can withstand enemy attacks.

The Eagle Artillery takes its place on the top side of the base. Within the Eagle Artillery’s wall compartment, you’ll find three Hidden Teslas, a Cannon, an Archer Tower, the Barbarian King, and two Giant Bombs specifically designed to counter Hog Riders effectively.

Strategically placed just below the Eagle Artillery, the Clan Castle finds its spot within its own wall compartment, accompanied by several other defenses. This positioning ensures that the Clan Castle troops play a significant role in defending the base and stopping enemy attacks.

By adopting this masterfully crafted war base layout, you’ll strengthen your TH12 base. Your enemies will find it quite challenging to breach this well-protected war base layout!

Base Link: Copy Layout

War Base #5

TH12 War Base Layout for August 2023

Let’s dive into the fifth and final war base layout for Town Hall 12, which is another well-crafted design. The Town Hall is positioned on the top side, within a wall compartment fortified with three Archer Towers, one X-Bow, and one Air Defense.

The Clan Castle, while not at the core, is still placed in close proximity to the Town Hall, offering valuable support. Near Clan Castle, you’ll find an Archer Tower, Bomb Tower, X-Bow, and Air Sweeper. Clan Castle can be swapped with the Bomb Tower if you prefer.

Moving to the bottom left side of the base, the Eagle Artillery occupies a separate compartment with a small wall opening. Within this compartment, we’ve two Wizard Towers and one Air Defense, ensuring a strong defense against enemy attacks.

The second Air Sweeper is strategically positioned to face the Eagle Artillery, creating further challenges for air troops attempting to breach this section.

The Inferno Towers are thoughtfully distributed across the base, providing comprehensive coverage to protect vulnerable areas. With this base design, you can increase your defenses and be well-prepared to defend your village from enemy attacks during wars.

By adopting this well-designed war base layout, you’ll solidify your Town Hall 12 base, transforming it into a powerful layout capable of withstanding the toughest of challenges.

Base Link: Copy Layout


In conclusion, we’ve explored five impressive and well-designed war base layouts specifically tailored for TH12 wars in Clash of Clans. Each layout has been strategically crafted by different players to maximize the defensive capabilities of your village during wars.

These bases take into account the importance of protecting key buildings, such as the Town Hall, Eagle Artillery, and Clan Castle, while ensuring comprehensive coverage against various attack strategies.

By implementing these base designs, you can improve your defense and create a powerful stronghold, making it a daunting challenge for enemy attackers to breach your defenses.

As you continue to hone your strategies and upgrade your defenses, be sure to adapt these layouts to suit your playstyle and the evolving metagame. Regularly analyze your base’s performance, and make necessary adjustments to keep your opponents on their toes.

Disclaimer: The war base layouts presented in this article are not the original creations of the author or this platform. They have been taken from various sources and designed by talented players within the Clash of Clans community. The full credit for the design and innovation of these bases goes to their respective creators.

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