Clash of Clans: Max Hero Levels at TH13

Heroes are the strongest and most powerful units in Clash of Clans. They are fearless warriors, each with their unique abilities and strengths. You get access to all of the heroes once you reach TH13.

At Town Hall 13, Barbarian King and Archer Queen have a maximum level of 75, while the Grand Warden reaches a maximum level of 50, and the Royal Champion’s highest level is level 25.

Let’s dive in and explore the details of hero upgrades and levels at TH13.

Barbarian King (Max Level: 75)

The Barbarian King is a powerful hero in the game, and at Town Hall 13 (TH13), he can reach a maximum level of 75. When your Barbarian King reaches TH13, he gains access to 10 new level upgrades, which allow him to progress from level 65 all the way up to level 75. Each of these upgrades brings decent improvement to his hitpoints and damage per second.

As Barbarian King progresses through the 10 upgrades at TH13, his special ability called “Iron Fist” also gets improvement twice during this journey. These improvements happen at level 70 and level 75, respectively.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
66225,0006 days, 18 hours
67234,0006 days, 18 hours
68243,0006 days, 18 hours
69252,0006 days, 18 hours
70261,0007 days, 6 hours
71267,0007 days, 6 hours
72270,0007 days, 6 hours
73279,0007 days, 6 hours
74284,0007 days, 6 hours
75 (Max)289,0007 days, 6 hours

Ability Level 14

Ability LevelDamage IncreaseHitpoint RecoverySpeed IncreaseBarbarian Count

When the Barbarian King reaches level 70, his Iron Fist ability receives a boost in its statistics. Firstly, it increases his damage per second by 846 points, making him deal even more damage during attacks.

Secondly, he gains a health recovery of 3850 hitpoints, allowing him to heal and stay in the fight for longer periods. Additionally, his speed gets boosted by 31 points. Lastly, at level 70, he gains the ability to summon 32 Barbarians to aid him in his attacks.

Ability Level 15

Ability LevelDamage IncreaseHitpoint RecoverySpeed IncreaseBarbarian Count

When Barbarian King reaches level 75, his Iron Fist ability reaches its maximum potential at level 15, giving him even more significant improvements.

Upon activating his ability at level 75, the Barbarian King experiences a substantial boost in power. His damage per second surges by an impressive 922 points. Additionally, his hitpoint recovery reaches 4300 which allows him to withstand more damage during battles, making him harder to defeat.

Furthermore, his speed receives a boost of 32 points, making him quicker as he navigates through the base to take down enemy buildings and heroes. This increased speed allows him to cover ground faster, making him a more efficient warrior in combat.

Moreover, at level 75, when the Barbarian King activates his ability, he now summons an impressive army of 34 Barbarians to fight alongside him. These summoned Barbarians can overwhelm enemy defenses and helps clear the way for your other troops to advance.

Archer Queen (Max Level: 75)

Archer Queen reaches a maximum level of 75 at Town Hall 13 (TH13). Just like the Barbarian King, the Archer Queen gains access to ten new levels at TH13, allowing her to progress from level 65 to level 75.

With each upgrade, the Archer Queen experiences decent improvements in both her damage per second and hit points. Additionally, the Archer Queen’s special ability, known as “Royal Cloak,” also receives improvements during her journey to TH13.

At TH13, the Archer Queen’s Royal Cloak undergoes two big upgrades. The first upgrade occurs when she reaches level 70, and the second one takes place at level 75.

These upgrades make her Royal Cloak even stronger, increasing the duration of her invisibility, and boosting her damage per second.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
66228,0006 days, 18 hours
67237,0006 days, 18 hours
68246,0006 days, 18 hours
69255,0006 days, 18 hours
70266,0007 days, 6 hours
71269,0007 days, 6 hours
72278,0007 days, 6 hours
73283,0007 days, 6 hours
74288,0007 days, 6 hours
75 (Max)297,0007 days, 6 hours

Ability Level 14

Ability LevelDamage IncreaseHitpoint RecoveryAbility DurationArcher Count
141,3704756.2 seconds18

When Archer Queen reaches level 70, her special ability “Royal Cloak” reaches level 14. At this level, her ability becomes a lot stronger.

When the Archer Queen activates her Royal Cloak ability at level 14, she gains a massive damage increase of 1370 points. This huge boost in damage output allows her to deal devastating damage to enemy defenses and troops.

Additionally, the Archer Queen benefits from a hitpoint recovery of 475 hitpoints upon using her ability. This hitpoint regeneration helps her withstand enemy attacks and stay in the fight for longer periods.

Moreover, when the Archer Queen activates her Royal Cloak at level 14, she summons a team of 18 Archers to aid her in the attack. These additional Archers provide extra support and damage tanking to the Archer Queen.

At ability level 14, she remains invisible for an impressive 6.2 seconds. During this time, she can not be targeted by enemy defenses and troops, allowing her to focus on dealing damage without taking hits in return.

And to top it all off, the Archer Queen continuously deals that extra 1370 damage throughout the entire 6.2 seconds of her invisibility. This constant damage output during her cloaked state makes her even more lethal.

Ability Level 15

Ability LevelDamage IncreaseHitpoint RecoveryAbility DurationArcher Count
151,4305006.4 seconds19

As the Archer Queen reaches level 75, her “Royal Cloak” advances to level 15. This level of ability brings forth even greater improvements to her already powerful skill set.

When the Archer Queen activates her level 15 Royal Cloak ability, she gets a staggering damage increase of 1430 points. In addition to the increased damage, the Archer Queen receives a hitpoint recovery of 500.

With her level 15 ability, the Archer Queen’s Royal Cloak summons 19 Archers to fight alongside her. This reinforced support helps her in overwhelming enemy defenses.

Furthermore, the Archer Queen’s level 15 Royal Cloak ability extends her invisibility duration to 6.4 seconds. This slight improvement from the previous level 14 ability, which had a duration of 6.2 seconds, allows her to stay invisible for a bit longer.

Grand Warden (Max Level: 50)

Grand Warden reaches a maximum level of 50 at Town Hall 13 (TH13). Through ten level upgrades at TH13, he advances from level 40 to level 50. Unlike other heroes who require Dark Elixir for upgrades, the Grand Warden needs regular Elixir for his upgrades.

Each upgrade he undergoes results in a boost to both his damage per second and hitpoints. The Grand Warden has two remarkable abilities: Life Aura and Eternal Tome. At TH13, these abilities receive two upgrades, one at level 45 and the other at level 50.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade Time
4110,800,0006 days, 18 hours
4211,200,0006 days, 18 hours
4311,600,0006 days, 18 hours
4412,000,0006 days, 18 hours
4512,400,0006 days, 18 hours
4612,800,0007 days, 6 hours
4713,200,0007 days, 6 hours
4813,600,0007 days, 6 hours
4914,300,0007 days, 6 hours
50 (Max)15,500,0007 days, 6 hours

Ability Level 9

Ability LevelDurationLife Aura’s HP IncreaseLife Aura’s Max HP Increase
97.5 seconds90.0%575

When you upgrade the Grand Warden to level 45 at Town Hall 13, his powerful primary ability, the Eternal Tome, reaches level 9. At this level, the Eternal Tome can grant invincibility to your troops for an impressive duration of 7.5 seconds.

Moreover, at level 45, the Grand Warden’s secondary ability, known as Life Aura, reaches its peak level of 40. This Life Aura is a nice support for your troops, as it envelops them in a protective aura when they are near the Grand Warden.

At this level, the Life Aura provides a 90 percent increase to the hitpoints of the troops within its protective radius. This decent boost in hitpoints ensures that your troops can endure more damage.

Ability Level 10

Ability LevelDurationLife Aura’s HP IncreaseLife Aura’s Max HP Increase
108 seconds90.0%575

As the Grand Warden achieves level 50 at TH13, his powerful Eternal Tome ability reaches level 10. At this remarkable level, the Eternal Tome undergoes a major improvement, making it even more useful during attacks.

At level 9, the Eternal Tome had the ability to grant invincibility to your troops for an impressive duration of 7.5 seconds. However, with the advancement to level 10, the Eternal Tome reaches new heights, extending its protective duration to an incredible 8 seconds.

This extra half-second may seem small, but in intense battles, it can make a remarkable difference.

Royal Champion (Max Level: 25)

The Royal Champion is the final hero in Clash of Clans. She becomes available when you reach Town Hall 13. She can reach a maximum level of 25 at TH13. You can unlock her “Seeking Shield” at level 5.

When the “Seeking Shield” ability is activated, the Royal Champion hurls her shield, which then leaps from one target to another, dealing massive damage to each target it strikes. Remarkably, her shield can hit up to a maximum of four targets in one go.

At Town Hall 13, the Royal Champion’s 25 levels require a lot of time and dedication to upgrade. With each level gained, she experiences a notable increase in both her damage per second and hitpoints.

Additionally, the Royal Champion’s ability undergoes five improvements during her journey to level 25. After every 5 levels, starting from level 5 and progressing through level 10, 15, 20, and finally, 25, her “Seeking Shield” ability receives five upgrades.

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade Time
273,0008 hours
389,00016 hours
4105,00022 hours
5122,0001 day, 20 hours
6140,0002 days, 18 hours
7158,0003 days, 6 hours
8170,0003 days, 18 hours
9182,0004 days, 6 hours
10192,0004 days, 12 hours
11202,0005 days
12211,0005 days, 12 hours
13216,0006 days
14222,0006 days, 12 hours
15228,0006 days, 12 hours
16234,0006 days, 18 hours
17239,0006 days, 18 hours
18245,0006 days, 18 hours
19251,0006 days, 18 hours
20257,0006 days, 18 hours
21262,0007 days, 6 hours
22267,0007 days, 6 hours
23272,0007 days, 6 hours
24277,0007 days, 6 hours
25 (Max)282,0007 days, 6 hours

Ability Levels

Ability LevelDamage DoneHitpoint RecoveryRoyal Champion Level

When the Royal Champion reaches level 5, she unlocks her level one Seeking Shield ability. At this level, her Seeking Shield is good enough, dealing an impressive 1260 damage per second to her targets.

Notably, the ability also grants her a hitpoint recovery of 1700, allowing her to heal and stay resilient during intense battles.

As she advances to level 25, her Seeking Shield ability reaches level 5. At level 5, the Seeking Shield becomes even more devastating, dealing a massive 1960 damage per second to her targets.

Additionally, at this level, the ability grants an impressive hitpoint recovery of 2800 to the Royal Champion.

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