Clash of Clans: Best Attack Strategies for Loot in 2023

coc best strategies for loot

Resource management is one of the most important parts of Clash of Clans. You are going to need resources to upgrade anything in your base. Defenses, troops, pets, heroes every entity in the game needs gold, elixirs, and dark elixirs to upgrade. Knowing the right attack strategies for looting enemy bases, will make upgrades a lot easier for you.

Along with a proper attack strategy, you will need to be in the specific trophy range to maximize the resources gathered in any attack. You can read our guide on the best leagues for loot at every town hall level.

1. Mass Super Barbarians

Super Barbarians can be unlocked at Town Hall 11 by upgrading your Barbarian to level 8. Super Barbarians are the best troop for looting an enemy base. You can easily 1-star an enemy base by just dropping Super Barbarians all around the base.

Super Barbarians are effective in stealing resources from both storage and resource collectors. Unlike Super Goblins, when using Super Barbarians you can easily maintain your trophy range because you won’t be losing most of the attacks.

Army Composition

Train all Super Barbarians in your army camps and bring all Lightning Spells in your spell slots. Lightning Spell is used to clean up any resource collectors that are left inside the core of the base. Lightning Spell can also help you in getting extra few destruction percentages if you are lacking 50 percent destruction.

How to use Super Barbarian

The execution of a Super Barbarian attack is very basic. Just spam Super Barbarians in a row on the resource buildings and leave the rest on them. Super Barbarians will get you an easy one-star on the enemy base. 

The goal of the attack is to get all of the resources of a dead or semi-dead base while maintaining the trophy range. Use your heroes and Lightning Spell to get a few extra percentages on the enemy base, if you were not able to rack up a one-star. 

2. Mass Super Goblins

This attack strategy is unlocked at Town Hall 11 when you get access to super troops. Super Goblins are another effective looting troop. Super Goblins deal a massive amount of damage to buildings that hold resources this also includes Town Hall and Clan Castle.

Super Goblins can also be used to destroy the Town Hall if it is closer to the edge of the base. Super Goblins are an effective ingredient of many war-based attack strategies and are used to get Town Hall at the beginning of the battle.

Super Goblins Army Composition

The army composition of Super Goblins is simple, you need to train all Super Goblins and Jump Spells. Jump Spells will be used to create jumps over walls when needed. Sometimes the Town Hall is closer to the edge of the base but inside the walls, that’s where Jump Spells come in handy.

How to use Super Goblins

Mass Super Goblin attack is very simple to execute. Just drop a single Super Goblin on every resource collector that is outside the walls. Clearing all the resource collectors that are outside and then by using the Jump Spells; get any resource building that is inside the walls but closer to the edges. 

Don’t try to rush anything that is inside the core of the base. Don’t spawn all Super Goblins at once; use one Super Goblin to trigger traps and then spawn them in bulk if needed. If Town Hall is at the edge of the base, use the Jump Spell to create a jump for your Super Goblins and then spawn about 5 to 10 of them to get the Town Hall.

3. Giant-Wizard Strategy

The Giant-Wizard attack strategy is a popular looting strategy for Town Halls lower than 11 though it can be effective at every Town Hall level. The goal of this attack strategy is to steal all the resources while keeping your trophies balanced. Giant-Wizard would be most effective at Town Hall 8, 9, and 10.

Army Composition

Train about 20 to 24 Giants and fill the rest of the army housing space with Wizards. Get at least 3 Jump Spells, and bring any other spell of your choice in the remaining spell spaces. I brought 5 Jump Spells because after the attack I will have to train only 1 Jump Spell for the next attack.

How to use the Giant-Wizard strategy

Drop a layer of Giants to take all the damage from enemy defenses, and send a few wizards behind them to get the resource buildings. Use your Jump Spells to steal any resources that are inside the walls. Repeat the same on all sides of the base where resource buildings are available. Once all the resources are taken, drop the rest of your Giants, Wizards, and Heroes to get a one-star.

4. Barch Attack Strategy

Barch attack strategy has been used for looting bases for a decade. Barch is still widely used by Town Halls lower than 10. Barch is very effective in stealing resources from dead or semi-dead bases. Barch attack strategy doesn’t take a lot of time to train and doesn’t need a lot of thinking before execution.

Army Composition

You will need to train all Barbarians and Archers in your army camps. Archers should be greater than Barbarians by 10 to 20. It is also recommended to train Lightning Spells so that you can get any other resource collector that is out of Archer’s range or is closer to the core of the base.

How to use the Barch attack strategy

The execution of Barch attack strategy is similar to the Giant-Wizard strategy though this time you will use Barbarians as damage tanks. Deploy a layer of Barbarians at dead resource collectors and then drop a layer of Archers behind your Babarians. Repeat the same method on all sides of the enemy base.

It is a little harder to get one star on the enemy with the Barch attack strategy. If you are lacking some percentage from 50 percent, you can use your heroes and remaining Lightning Spells to achieve the rest of the percentage.

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