Whiteout Survival: September 2023 Update

Whiteout Survival: September 2023 Update

Hey there, fellow survivors! I’m excited to share the latest scoop on the Whiteout Survival September update. There’s a bunch of cool stuff that’s been added and tweaked to make our gaming experience even more awesome. Let’s dive in!

New Content

1. Harvest Moon Event

Imagine gathering under a starry night sky, sending wishes into the moonlit darkness. That’s what the Harvest Moon event is all about! We get to earn special rewards like fancy castle designs, cool march skins, and emotes to show off our actions.

2. Meet New Epic Heroes

New heroes are here to join our quest for glory:

  • Jasser the Scholar
  • Walis Bokan the Warrior
  • Seo-yoon the Drummer

We can recruit them from the Hero Hall and let them lead our troops to victory.

Optimization and Adjustments

1. Hero Hall Update

Ever had those notifications popping up too often? Now, after getting the highest star-rating with Molly, we won’t get notifications for recruiting epic heroes. It’s all about preserving those notifications for the right moments!

2. Boosting Our State

When it comes to State of Power event, the Supreme President can now give some buffs to the losing side. That’s a game-changer, isn’t it?

3. Heroes at Their Best

Now, we can see all our hero stats at their highest level. It’s like seeing our heroes in their ultimate form!

4. Easier Alliance Logs

In the Alliance Log, we can now see who invited our chiefs. It’s a small change, but it helps us keep track of things better.

5. Tracking Damage

During Bear Hunting, we can now see how much damage everyone’s doing. It’s cool to know who’s really bringing it!

6. Less Unnecessary Notifications

We won’t be bothered with notifications for troops coming back from certain places. It’s all about keeping it neat and tidy.

7. Better Coordination

Now, we can share where our troops are stationed. Teamwork just got a lot smoother!

8. Alliances Working Together

R5 and R4 members have more power now. They can organize the lanes of Alliance Members during the Alliance Championship. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

9. More Resources

Hey, we’ve got steel in the Fire Crystal Shard Pack now! More resources for our journey.

10. Fishing Made Fun

Fishing just got a boost with the Power Cast feature and using Icefisher Vouchers more easily. Plus, we get a free daily chest during the event. Sweet, right?

All these changes and additions make Whiteout Survival an even more exciting place to be. The Harvest Moon event and the new heroes? Count me in! Let’s keep playing, keep conquering, and enjoy this ever-evolving adventure. See you in the game!

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