Whiteout Survival: March 2024 Update Changelogs

March 2024 Update Whiteout Survival

Whiteout Survival has revealed an update scheduled for March 28, 2024. This update brings many new features and improvements. Let’s look into the details of this update.

New Events

Two new events are on their way to the game. The first one is the Canyon Clash event, happening monthly. In this event, three Alliances compete to capture the Frozen Citadel within the canyon. You can earn big rewards during this event, with the winning Alliance taking home the most rewards.

The second event is the Colorful Easter event, starting on March 31st. During this event, you will gather Rainbow Paints to color Easter Eggs and earn rewards. Alongside, there will be missions and exclusive rewards for you to claim. Moreover, the Colorful Easter Event will introduce new skins to the game.

New Pet – Snow Ape

A new pet called the Snow Ape is joining the game, becoming available after the Cave Lion. Initially, the Snow Ape will only be accessible in certain states, but as states progress, it will become available to more players over time.

Improvements and Adjustments

Several improvements and adjustments are coming to the game. Here’s a breakdown of these changes:

  1. Self-Private Chat: Now you can write down notes by sending messages to yourself.
  2. Friend Alias: You can assign aliases to your friends for better organization and identification.
  3. Chat Search: Quickly find the right conversation in your private chat list with the new search function.
  4. Pet Auto Refine: Improve the efficiency of upgrading Pets with this new feature.
  5. Alliance Label Limit Adjustment: Customize your Alliance with up to 10 labels.
  6. Foundry Battle Optimization: Send voting notifications and battle requests to multiple members simultaneously, with improved visibility on who has voted for the same time slot.
  7. New Items in Skin Shop: Get the Fantasy Mushroom Avatar Frame and Nameplate.
  8. New Emote: Have fun chatting with the new free Emote—Roll A Die!
  9. Tundra Adventure’s Rule Adjustment: Keep your Adventure Coins during State Transfer if Tundra Adventure is ongoing in your target State.
  10. Hero Gear Enhancement Optimization: Experience a more convenient enhancement process by holding down the “Quick Select” button.
  11. Alliance Vote Improvement: Expand your voting options with a maximum of 10 choices.
  12. Optimized XI Tier Helios Troop: Helios Infantry, Lancer, and Marksman now boast improved stats.
  13. Bug Fixes: Addressed existing bugs to ensure a smoother and more stable gaming experience.
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