Stone Slammer: Max Levels and Upgrade Cost

Stone Slammer Clash of Clans

The Stone Slammer is a powerful Siege Machine you can use once you reach Town Hall 12. After unlocking it at TH12, you’ll need to upgrade to TH13 to access the next Siege Machine.

Resembling a Balloon, the Stone Slammer focuses on taking down enemy defenses. It’s tougher and deals more damage per second compared to the Balloon.

Many attackers who prefer air-based strategies like LavaLoon appreciate the Stone Slammer’s effectiveness and often use it in their attacks.

When the Stone Slammer is either destroyed in battle or intentionally released by the attacker, it does two things: it deploys Clan Castle troops at the spot where it was destroyed, and it also deals death damage.

if the Stone Slammer doesn’t contain any troops, but it will still cause death damage. An empty Stone Slammer can be used as an effective air unit in your air-based attack strategies.

Stone Slammer’s Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Elixirs)Upgrade TimeTown Hall
23,800,0005 days12
35,000,0006 days12
48,500,0009 days13
515,000,00016 days, 12 hours15
Stone Slammer Upgrade Statistics

Stone Slammer’s Max Levels

The Stone Slammer has a total of five levels in its upgrade progression. It reaches level 3 when it is first unlocked at Town Hall 12. Subsequently, it receives an upgrade at Town Hall 13 and another upgrade at Town Hall 15, reaching a total of five levels.

Notably, there are no upgrades for the Stone Slammer at Town Hall 14, so it remains at level 4 during that Town Hall level.

  • Max level of Stone Slammer at Town Hall 12 is level 3.
  • Max level of Stone Slammer at Town Hall 13 is level 4.
  • Max level of Stone Slammer at Town Hall 15 is level 5.

Stone Slammer’s Statistics

LevelDamage Per SecondHitpoints
Stone Slammer’s Statistics
  • Type: Air Unit
  • Damage Type: Splash Damage
  • Favorite Target: Defenses (x25 damage to walls)
  • Movement Speed: 16
  • Attack Speed: 2.5 seconds

The Stone Slammer deals splash damage in a 3-tile radius, affecting multiple targets. There are two types of damage it can cause: hitbox 1 damage and hitbox 2 damage. Hitbox 1 damage hits targets within a 1-tile radius, while hitbox 2 damage impacts targets within a 1 to 3-tile radius.

The second hitbox deals less damage when the target is 3 tiles away and deals the most damage when the target is at least 2 tiles away. Additionally, hitbox 2 damage is responsible for dealing massive damage to walls, resulting in 25 times the regular damage.

The Stone Slammer moves quite slowly with a speed of 16, and its attack speed is also slow, taking 2.5 seconds to perform one attack. Despite this slow pace, each attack packs a tremendous amount of damage due to the wait time in its attack pattern.

When it comes to training, it takes a patient 20 minutes to prepare a Stone Slammer for battle.

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