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Hog Rider Puppet Clash of Clans

Hog Rider Puppet is a common equipment available to Royal Champion in Clash of Clans. You can unlock Hog Rider Puppet by upgrading your Blacksmith to level 7 at Town Hall 14. The Hog Rider Puppet gives the Royal Champion an “Active” ability.

When activated, it spawns a few Hog Riders around the Royal Champion while she also becomes invisible for 1 second. The level of these Hog Riders depends on the level of this equipment.

Hog Rider Puppet Max Levels

Here are the max levels of Hog Rider Puppet equipment:

  • Hog Rider Puppet has a max level of 18 at TH14.

You can fully upgrade the Hog Rider Puppet at Town Hall 14. There are no further upgrades available for it at Town Hall 15 and 16.

Hog Rider Puppet Upgrade Cost & Statistics

LevelSpawned Hog RidersHog Rider LevelHitpoint RecoveryHitpoint IncreaseShiny Ore shiny ore clash of clans
Glowy Ore glowy ore clash of clans
Blacksmith Level RequiredTown Hall
Hog Rider Puppet Upgrade Cost & Statistics


Equipment Type: Common

Available at: Town Hall 14

Ability Type: Active (triggered upon the use of Royal Champion’s special ability)

Invisibility Duration: 1 second

The Hog Rider Puppet has four statistics connected to it: Spawned Hog Riders, Hog Rider Level, Hitpoint Recovery, and Hitpoint Increase.

  • Spawned Hog Riders: This decides the number of Hog Riders that get summoned when the Royal Champion activates her special ability.
  • Hog Rider Level: It determines the level of the spawned Hog Rider. Starting at level 4, it maxes out at level 13 when the equipment reaches its highest level.
  • Hitpoint Recovery: This determines the amount of hitpoints the Royal Champion regains when she uses her special ability.
  • Hitpoint Increase: This stat decides the boost in hitpoints the Royal Champion receives when she has the Hog Rider Puppet as one of her hero equipment. This value is added to her original hitpoints.
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