Clash of Clans: Should You Trust Gem Generators?

Clash of Clans: Do gem generators work?

Clash of Clans is a wildly popular mobile strategy game that allows users to build and manage their own virtual village, train armies, and engage in clashes with other players from all over the world. It’s a game where winning depends on troop management and good planning.

Clash of Clans is a game that connects people together to join clans and clash with other clans from all over the world. Clash of Clans with all that fun has a few darker areas where no legit player should go. Clash of Clans is all about upgrading your village and making it stronger over time. To upgrade your village, you need builders and resources.

You can have up to 6 builders in the game. Gems are the most important currency in the game that can be used for various stuff like hero skins, sceneries, name changes, skipping upgrades, and buying resources. There are a lot of free gem generators on the web that claim to give free gems to Clash of Clans players.

Should you trust free gem generators?

Clash of Clans is a server-side online game. The game is synced multiple times with the game servers every few seconds. All of the player data is stored in the databases on those servers. There is no way to hack or increase your resources without playing the game.

All of the gem generators available on the internet ask for your Clash of Clans email credentials. After you deliver your credentials, your account is phished and you will lose all of the hard work that you put into the game.

Moreover, using these free gem generators is against Clash of Clans’ terms of service. Any kind of hacks, tools, and generators will get your account permanently banned from the game. Therefore, it is recommended to play Clash of Clans in a proper legal way without breaking the game’s terms of service.

How to legally receive Clash of Clans gems?

Clash of Clans rewards gems to its players in multiple ways. Following are a few legal ways to get Clash of Clans gems.

Cleaning up the obstacles

You can clean up the tree and bushes around the home and builder base to get free gems. Each obstacle usually rewards between 0 to 6 gems. You will also receive a gem box twice a month which would contain 25 free gems. 

Completing achievements

You can receive a huge amount of gems by completing certain achievements. The amount of gem given by some achievements can be as high as 2000. There are many achievements for all 3 modes in the game. You can earn gems by doing some special tasks at Builder Base, Home Village, and Capital Peak.

Gem Mine

You can build a Gem Mine in your Builder Base and collect a small number of free gems every day. Gem Mine can be upgraded to make it faster and to increase its gem storage. You can even boost the production of Gem Mine using Clock Tower’s daily village boost or by using the Clock Tower magic potion.

Daily Events

Clash of Clans keeps its player busy with new events every week. Most of the events give gems as rewards. You can complete the challenges provided in the event to get free gems.

Clan games

Clan Games usually start at the end of each month. You can complete the tasks provided in the Clan Games and can receive gems and magic items at the end of the clan games. 

Selling magic items

You can earn magic items by completing Clan Games at the end of every month. Some magic items can be sold for as high as 50 gems. You can earn raid medals by using your attacks in Weekly Raids and then use the rewarded raid medals to buy magic items.

Buying the gems

You can purchase Clash of Clans gems with real cash at the game shop. There are special offers in the Clash of Clans shop almost every week. if you don’t want to spend a lot of cash on the gems, you can buy them at discounted prices on Black Fridays and certain events.

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