Clash of Clans: Builder Base 2.0 is Coming!

Builder Base 2.0 coc

Builder Base is a unique and standalone game mode within the popular mobile strategy game, Clash of Clans. In Builder Base, players build and defend a separate base located on a distant island, competing against other players in real-time multiplayer battles. The base building aspect is focused on resource management, base design, and army composition.

Builder Base since its release has received a lot of backlash from Clash of Clans players. Most of the old players wanted the Builder Base to either be improved or completely removed from the game.

Today on 31st January 2023 Clash of Clans development team made a blog post about the upcoming planned changes to Builder Base. The Clash of Clans team has said on numerous occasions that they want to revamp the Builder Base making it more fun for players. Right now most of the players use Builder Base to complete the monthly pass quest, clan games, or for getting the 6th builder.

Tactical Changes 

Clash of Clans development team wants to reduce the amount of troops an army camp at Builder Base holds to compensate the said change the troops will be made stronger and better but will take more housing space. They also planning on giving triggerable abilities to Builder Base troops so it becomes a little more competitive.

As by the official blog post, they tried a variety of ideas on reducing the number of spammy troops. The first idea was to let players train only one troop in each army camp and blocking players from training that troop in other army camps. This idea was probably dropped and then they moved on to increasing the housing space of each troop so troop spamming can be removed from Builder Base. This would also make each troop’s deployment and location more valuable.

Builder Base troops with Hero like abilities 

Another change that will be coming with Builder Base 2.0 update is troops getting special activatable abilities to make the game more strategically interesting. Unlike the main village, Builder Base lacks spells so giving each troop a reusable ability makes sense.

It would make Builder Base a lot more competitive if players have to time the ability of their troops properly and efficiently. The abilities of Builder Base troops are still unknown though only Bomber’s ability was mentioned in the blog post. The bomber would be able to bounce his bomb to multiple targets when his ability is used.


The above-mentioned changes are still in the early development phase as mentioned by the Clash of Clans team. We still don’t know what the final draft will give us. There might be no visual changes to the Builder Base for now at least and there was no mention of a new Builder Hall either. It might take a few months for these changes to get released.

These changes might give a new life to the dead Builder Base. I would love to see a better Builder Base so I can spend my extra time in Builder Base when my builders in the main village are busy. Anyway, we will get back to you when we get our hands on anything else. You can read the full official blog post here: Builder Base 2.0

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