Clash of Clans: Recall Spell Guide For Queen Walkers

Recall Spell Guide for Queen Walkers

Clash of Clans added The Recall Spell to the game a while ago, and many players have been wondering how to use it effectively in their attack strategies. This guide will primarily focus on using the Recall Spell in Queen Walk attacks, but the same principles can be applied to any attack strategy you prefer.

The Recall Spell can be unlocked at Town Hall 13 but can be requested in the Clan Castle at Town Hall 11, making it easier for players at those levels to execute their Queen Walk attacks successfully. This spell can send a specified number of troops within its radius back to the deployment bar. When the recalled troops are deployed again, they retain their current hitpoints.

In addition to troops, the Recall Spell can also be used on Heroes and Pets, which makes it easier to direct and control their movements during an attack. Unfortunately, at present, Siege Machines cannot be recalled, but there is a possibility that the Recall Spell may be applied to Siege Machines in the future, as it would make a lot of sense.

Now let’s look at the statistics of Recall Spell from Clash of Clans Wiki.

Recall Spell Statistics

The Recall Spell occupies 2 housing spaces and has a radius of 5 tiles. It can be used on both Air and Ground Units, as well as heroes, pets, and troops.

The Recall Spell can be upgraded to a maximum of 4 levels, which can be achieved at Town Hall 15. The Recall Capacity refers to the number of troops that can be recalled with each spell used, and it increases as the spell is upgraded. The Recall Spell has a Recall Capacity of 72, 78, 84, and 90 at levels 1 to 4, respectively.

When planning to use the Recall Spell in a Queen Walk attack, it is important to consider the Housing Spaces required by the troops you intend to recall. In this case, we will be focusing on the Archer Queen and Healers, who require a certain number of housing spaces. By knowing the housing spaces that will be used by these troops, we can effectively plan the number of troops to recall with the spell and ensure that we have enough space to redeploy them effectively.

  • Queen: Housing Space of 25
  • Pets: Housing Space of 20
  • Healers: Housing Space of 14

Recall Spell for Town Hall 11

Let’s talk about Town Hall 11 first. As a Town Hall 11, you can request a level 2 Recall Spell in your Clan Castle, which means you can recall Queen and three Healers (that would make up a housing space of 67 while a level 2 Recall Spell has a recall capacity of 78).

It is recommended to bring five Healers along in your Queen Walk attack, as this provides a backup in case one or two of the Healers are lost due to Air Mines or other traps. By bringing five Healers, players can still recall three Healers using the Recall Spell, ensuring that their Archer Queen remains protected and able to deal significant damage during the attack.

However, if a Recall Spell is necessary and five Healers are currently deployed, it may be necessary to leave two of the Healers behind to ensure that the spell can recall the remaining three. This decision will depend on the player’s specific strategy and the circumstances of the attack.

Recall Spell for Town Hall 12

For players at Town Hall 12, it is possible to request a level 3 Recall Spell in the Clan Castle. This spell has a Recall Capacity of 84, which is optimal for recalling four Healers and the Archer Queen during an attack. The total Housing Space of this combination of troops is 81, allowing players to effectively use the Recall Spell to re-deploy their troops and deal significant damage to the enemy base.

It is recommended to bring five Healers along in your Queen Walk attack at Town Hall 12, as this provides a backup in case one of the Healers is lost during the attack. While it may be necessary to leave one of the Healers behind when using the Recall Spell, having four Healers to protect the Archer Queen can help ensure that she remains alive and continues to deal damage to the enemy base.

Recall Spell for Town Hall 13+

Upon reaching Town Hall 13, players can unlock Recall Spell and upgrade it to level 2. Additionally, players can request a maximum level Recall Spell in their Clan Castle, providing them with powerful assistance in executing successful attacks. One effective attack strategy for players at Town Hall 13 or 14 is the Hog Miner Hybrid attack, which utilizes a Queen Charge funnel to clear the way for the attacking troops.

With the Recall Spell, executing this strategy becomes much easier, allowing players to recall their troops and change their attack direction if needed. For example, players can charge their Archer Queen from the side of the Town Hall, take it out, and then recall her back to the deployment bar before attacking again from a different direction. This strategy can help players achieve a three-star victory and effectively navigate the bases of higher Town Hall levels.

The addition of the Recall Spell has opened up numerous possibilities and opportunities for players at Town Hall 13 and 14. Prior to the introduction of this new spell, it was no easy task for players to take on fellow Town Hall 13 or 14 opponents. However, the Recall Spell has significantly altered the game dynamics, making it much easier for players to execute successful attacks and gain an edge over their opponents.

By using the Recall Spell effectively, players can recall troops, Heroes, and Pets back to the deployment bar, thereby allowing them to re-deploy their forces and alter their strategy as needed. This added flexibility and versatility can make all the difference in achieving victory on the battlefield. In short, the Recall Spell has transformed the way players approach and execute attacks, adding a whole new level of strategy and depth to the game.

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