Clash of Clans: October 2023 Events Calendar

Clash of Clans October 2023 Event Calendar and Roadmap

Clash of Clans has shared an exciting events roadmap for the month of October 2023. Get ready for some spooktacular fun as the game embraces a Halloween-themed season known as ‘Clash-O-Ween Season.’ The Chess Season will conclude on October 1st, making way for the thrilling Clash-O-Ween season.

Let’s look at the events calendar for the month of October.

Halloween Hero Skins and Season Challenges

One of the things everyone is looking forward to in this Halloween Season are the Halloween-themed hero skins. It’s super exciting because we’re getting brand new eerie skins for all four of our beloved heroes.

The skins look absolutely amazing, and I’m personally thrilled at the thought of getting them. In this special season, all the hero skins will have a ghostly appearance that fits the Halloween vibe perfectly.

And guess what? You’ll have the chance to try out these spooky skins during their respective season challenges. The adventure begins with the first season challenge, focusing on Grand Warden and Royal Champion, starting on the 1st of October and running through to the 13th of October.

After that, we’ve got the second season challenge, spotlighting Barbarian King and Archer Queen, commencing on the 14th of October and concluding on the 30th of October.

Clan War Leagues

As per tradition, October kicks off with Clan War Leagues. During Clan War Leagues, various clans can engage in intense battles, aiming to secure League Medals as rewards.

These medals can later be used to obtain magic hammers, greatly speeding up upgrades in your village. The Clan War Leagues event is set to conclude on the 12th of October.

One Gem Boost

This month, we’re in for a treat with not just one, but several one-gem boost events.

1. Training Speed Boost (October 2-5): The first one-gem boost event is set to start on October 2nd and run until October 5th. During this three-day event, you’ll have the opportunity to supercharge your Barracks’ training speed by 4 times! Get ready to build your armies at lightning speed.

2. Resource Building Production Boost (October 9-12): Following that, the second one-gem boost event will kick off on October 9th and wrap up on October 12th. During this event, you can turbocharge the production speed of your resource buildings.

3. Hero Regeneration Boost (October 16-19): Last but not least, the final one-gem boost event will begin on October 16th and conclude on October 19th. This time, you’ll have the chance to boost the regeneration speed of your heroes. Your heroes will be back in action faster than you can imagine!

Giant Skeleton

In the spirit of October and just in time for Friday the 13th, the powerful Giant Skeleton is making its grand entrance into the game. This spooky addition has been a staple in previous Halloween seasons over the last few years, originating from Clash Royale. The Giant Skeleton is a warrior known for carrying a Giant Bomb, which he drops upon his defeat.

Other Events

Clash of Clans: October 2023 events calendar and roadmap

In addition to the exciting lineup of new skins, engaging season challenges, and the fearsome Giant Skeleton, October is packed with even more thrilling content for Clash of Clans players. Multiple troop events will be sprinkled throughout the month, offering great opportunities for trying new attack strategies.

Moreover, starting on the 9th of October and extending till the 17th of October, there’s an all-new Clan Capital challenge to look forward to.

As the month nears its end, get ready for a trio of fantastic events. Clan Games, a 2x Star Bonus event, and a generous 70% discount on Super Troops are set to wrap up the month in style. It’s going to be an action-packed October in the Clash of Clans universe!

Feel free to share your thoughts on this event roadmap for the month of October 2023 in the comments below. What are you most excited about?

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