Clash of Clans: Events Calendar for March 2024

Clash of Clans March 2024 Events Calendar

Clash of Clans just posted the events calendar for March 2024 on their social media. This new season is called “Space Season”. Some exciting events are lined up for this season, with the standout being the “Super Troop Event” starting on March 11th.

Here’s the complete event schedule for March 2024:

  • Clan War Leagues: March 1st to March 11th
  • Space Challenge #1: March 1st to March 10th
  • Super Troop Event: March 11th to March 20th
  • Space Challenge #2: March 11th to March 22th
  • Clan Games: March 22nd to March 29th

Space-themed skins

In March 2024, Clash of Clans is set to introduce space-themed skins. The Space Archer Queen can be unlocked through the Gold Pass, and another skin will be up for grabs during the “Super Troop Event”. The remaining skins can be purchased from the in-game shop.

Alongside these skins, a fresh space-themed scenery is making its way into the game, taking the battles to a whole new level in space.

Super Troop Event

The main highlight for March is the Super Troop event, similar to February’s Lunar New Year event. In this event, you’ll aim to gather points to reach specific milestones and unlock event currency along with other rewards.

This event currency can be used in the special Trader Shop to buy different rare items. To earn points, you’ll need to use Super Troops. The event will also feature epic hero equipment for the Grand Warden.

Season Challenges

In March 2024, there will be multiple season challenges to participate in. The first challenge, “Space Challenge #1”, kicks off on March 1st and wraps up on March 11th. Following that, the second challenge, “Space Challenge #2”, starts on March 11th and concludes on March 22nd.

In these challenges, you’ll be tasked with using a specific troop composition to defeat a carefully crafted base.


In conclusion, March 2024 promises to be an exciting month for Clash of Clans players with its “Space Season” theme and plenty of fun events lined up. From thrilling events like the Super Troop event, offering rewards and the chance to obtain rare items from the Trader Shop, to engaging in the Space Challenges where players can test their skills against well-designed bases, there’s no shortage of excitement.

Furthermore, the addition of the Space Archer Queen and other space-themed skins adds a refreshing look to the game’s aesthetics. As March progresses, players can look forward to participating in Clan Games starting from March 22nd, running until March 29th, providing opportunities for teamwork and rewards.

So, gear up for an unforgettable journey through the cosmos in Clash of Clans’ Space Season.

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