Clash of Clans: Events Calendar for January 2024

Clash of Clans January 2023 Events Calendar

Clash of Clans has released the events roadmap for the month of January 2024. The month has been named “The North Season,” featuring Viking-themed skins for the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen. Additionally, a winter-themed scenery has been introduced for both the Builder Base and the Battle Machine.

Here is the events calendar for January 2024:

  • Clan War Leagues: 1 to 11 January
  • 2x Star Bonus: 1 to 3 January
  • Of the North Challenge: 1 to 14 January
  • Troop Events: 4 to 6 January
  • Builder Base Challenge: 5 to 20 January
  • 70% Super Troop Discount: 8 to 10 January
  • Troop Events: 11 to 13 January
  • 1 Gem Army Boost: 15 to 17 January
  • Troop Events: 18 to 20 January
  • Clan Games: 22 to 28 January
  • Troop Events: 25 to 27 January
  • 1 Gem Hero Boost: 29 to 31 January

New Skins and Sceneries

In January, Clash of Clans introduces two new Viking-themed skins. The “King of the North” skin is designed for the Barbarian King, while the “Queen of the North” skin is tailored for the Archer Queen. If you already have the “Warden of the North” skin for the Grand Warden (added in the winter of 2021), you may want to complete your set.

The Warden of the North skin is available for 1500 gems in-game. For a winter-themed collection, consider pairing these Viking-themed hero skins with the Winter Royal Champion.

Furthermore, a new scenery for the Builder Base is set to debut in January, soon to be available for purchase in the in-game shop. Alongside the winter scenery for your Builder Base, an upcoming winter-themed Battle Machine skin will also be offered for purchase this month.

Multiple Events

Several enjoyable events are scheduled for this January, as outlined in the roadmap. The event roadmap includes four troop events spread across the month, where specific troops must be used in your attack strategies to claim rewards. Additionally, numerous challenges are available for the month.

The “Of the North” challenge kicks off on January 1 and concludes on January 15. Following that, the Builder Base Challenge is scheduled to run from January 5 to January 20. Super Troops will be offered at a 70% discount from January 8 to January 11.

As the month concludes, players can participate in Clan Games and take advantage of the one-gem hero boosts. One-gem hero boost allows you to increase the regeneration speed of each hero by 4x, using only one gem for each hero.

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