Clash of Clans: Account Protection Update Launched in India, Qatar, and Kuwait

Supercell Account Protection Update

Account Security and Privacy are an important part of the web these days and a lot of companies focus on the security and privacy of their customers. Supercell is also looking to buff their players’ account security. Supercell gets a lot of support requests every day related to account recovery or phishing issues that players face and to combat that they are bringing the new Account Protection updates.

Account security has always been an issue to resolve for Clash of Clans. Developers at Supercell are now testing the new security measures that will address the security issues faced by players around the globe. Recently another update was added to Supercell ID where you could change the email associated with your Supercell account. 

Account Recovery Issues

For the past few years, in order to recover a lost Clash of Clans account; players had to contact Supercell support. The support would ask multiple questions to verify the ownership of the account and this is where the issue of having your account hacked arose. Anyone with a keychain history of your Clash of Clans account could steal your account in no time from you by contacting Supercell support. If you sold your previous device to someone and he knew you played the game, It was easier for him to hack your account.

After the update goes live in your region, you will be able to connect your Supercell account with your phone number, making it easier for your to recover it later by using the code sent as an SMS to you. There will be a second option to use where you will be able to generate backup codes for your account that can be used later when you lose your account. Supercell won’t entertain any account recovery emails anymore after the updates go live in every region. 

The account protection cannot be disabled after you enable it and if you have given your account to a friend or someone you know and he doesn’t want to give it back, you won’t be able to recover your account (if he has an account protection enabled). Supercell won’t resolve the dispute either as per their official blog post.

Currently Supported Regions

The new Supercell Account protection update is currently live in Kuwait, Qatar, and India while it will still take a few more months to launch globally. The feature is currently in the test phase and further changes might be made to it. These new changes will be globally available by the summer so you will have to wait for a little more to secure your account.

A lot of players in the supported regions have already turned on the new security features and are satisfied with the new security measures taken by Supercell. As per our source, more Asian regions will join the test phasing as 80 percent of the account security issues arise in Asian countries because people use to buy and sell accounts in these regions.

There are a lot of websites dedicated to selling Clash of Clans accounts and it is against their policy to sell an account. Phishers usually sell an account for a smaller price and then recover it by contacting Supercell support. It is never recommended to buy and sell Clash of Clans accounts because first it is illegal and second it is highly unsafe.

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