Apprentice Warden: Upgrade Cost, Upgrade Time and Max Levels

Clash of Clans: Apprentice Warden Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

The Apprentice Warden makes his debut in Clash of Clans as a fresh addition to the dark troop lineup, available at Town Hall 13. This magical little guy can be seen as a student, still in the process of learning to become a Grand Warden.

While he doesn’t possess the ability to make troops invincible like the Grand Warden, he does have the Grand Warden’s Life Aura. The unique combination of abilities and weaponry makes the Apprentice Warden a fascinating addition to the game.

Apprentice Warden’s Upgrade Cost & Upgrade Time

LevelUpgrade Cost (Dark Elixirs)Upgrade TimeDamage Per SecondHitpointsAura HP IncreaseTown Hall
2180,0009 days185165026%13
3315,00016 days, 18 hours200180028%14
4340,00017 days, 12 hours215195030%15
Apprentice Warden’s Upgrade Cost and Upgrade Time

Apprentice Warden’s Max Levels

The Apprentice Warden undergoes a transformative journey through his four distinct levels. Each level upgrade brings significant improvement to his damage per second, and hitpoints, and even alters his appearance.

Here is the list of max levels of Apprentice Warden:

  • Max level of Apprentice Warden at Town Hall 13 is level 2.
  • Max level of Apprentice Warden at Town Hall 14 is level 3.
  • Max level of Apprentice Warden at Town Hall 15 is level 4.

Apprentice Warden’s Statistics

Unlike the Grand Warden, the Apprentice Warden is unable to fly and is therefore a ground troop. However, similar to the Grand Warden in ground mode, the Apprentice Warden has the ability to jump over walls.

In terms of combat style, the Apprentice Warden is a ranged troop just like the Grand Warden, but instead of a staff, he wields a magical slingshot as his primary weapon.

Here are the stats of Apprentice Warden:

  • Favorite target: Any
  • Damage type: Ranged
  • Targets: Single Target
  • Housing space: 20
  • Movement speed: 20
  • Training time: 3M 56S
  • Aura radius: 7 Tiles

The Apprentice Warden has the characteristic of not having a specific preferred target. This means that upon deployment, he will automatically engage with the closest enemy building within his vicinity.

Functioning as a single-target unit, he focuses his attacks on one target at a time. To train an Apprentice Warden, you will need 20 housing spaces in the Army Camps.

In terms of movement, he moves at a speed of 20. His attack and aura radius extend up to 7 tiles, enabling him to strike enemies within that range. It takes approximately 3 minutes and 56 seconds to train a single Apprentice Warden.

To access the Apprentice Warden in Clash of Clans, players must upgrade their Dark Barracks to level 10 at Town Hall 13. This upgrade comes with a cost of 13 million Elixirs and takes a duration of 13 days.

The Apprentice Warden has a total of 4 levels, with the first two levels becoming available at Town Hall 13. The remaining levels are unlockable at Town Hall 14 and 15, respectively.

As the Apprentice Warden undergoes upgrades, his damage per second, hitpoints, and Life Aura HP increase, enhancing his overall combat effectiveness.

At its maximum level, the Apprentice Warden has some impressive statistics. This mighty troop can deliver a substantial 215 damage per second to its targets. In terms of durability, the Apprentice Warden reaches a hitpoint pool of 1950 at level 4.

Analyzing the Weaknesses of the Apprentice Warden

The introduction of the Apprentice Warden as a new dark troop in Clash of Clans has brought fresh excitement to the game. However, even with his impressive abilities, the Apprentice Warden is not without his weaknesses.

Let’s look at two notable weaknesses of the Apprentice Warden, focusing on his housing space and hitpoints.

Housing Space Requirement

One significant weakness of the Apprentice Warden lies in his requirement for a substantial housing space of 20. This space requirement significantly impacts the army composition and can limit strategic options for players.

With a sizable portion of available housing spaces consumed by a single Apprentice Warden, players may need to carefully consider the trade-offs when planning their overall troop composition.

The large housing requirement may force players to sacrifice the inclusion of other powerful units or reduce the overall diversity and size of their army, potentially affecting their overall attack strategy.


While the Apprentice Warden has a respectable hitpoint pool, standing at 1950 at his maximum level, there is room for improvement in this area. Given his housing space requirement and his role as a single-target unit, a slightly higher hitpoint count would have been beneficial.

A slightly more robust hitpoint pool would provide the Apprentice Warden with increased survivability, allowing him to withstand enemy defenses for a longer duration and continue contributing to the battle.

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