Best Equipment for Grand Warden in Clash of Clans

Best Equipment for Grand Warden Clash of Clans

The Grand Warden can use four hero equipment options in Clash of Clans, but you can only take two into battle. Many players are unsure which equipment to upgrade and use for their attacks to get the best results.

Here are the best equipment choices for the Grand Warden, based on what most players are using right now:

  • Eternal Tome
  • Rage Gem
  • Healing Tome
  • Life Gem

Eternal Tome

The Eternal Tome is the default equipment for the Grand Warden, and it’s not just the default – it’s the best choice too. When the Grand Warden uses his special ability (with Eternal Tome equipped as one of his equipment), all the troops and heroes inside his aura become invincible for a short time.

This is super helpful because it gives your troops and heroes a chance to take out key buildings, like the Town Hall, Eagle Artillery, Monolith, Scattershot, and Inferno Towers. The Eternal Tome is a must-have for the Grand Warden, and you should make upgrading it a top priority.

Rage Gem

The second-best choice for the Grand Warden’s hero equipment is the Rage Gem. It complements the Eternal Tome nicely because while the Eternal Tome needs activation during the Grand Warden’s special ability, the Rage Gem provides a continuous passive ability throughout the entire battle.

When equipped, the Rage Gem puts all troops and heroes within the Grand Warden’s aura into Rage Mode, boosting their damage significantly. It also amps up the attack speed and damage per second for the Grand Warden.

Rage Gem works well with any attack strategy, particularly shining when used alongside Root Riders at Town Hall levels 15 and 16. So, if you’re considering upgrades, the Rage Gem is definitely a solid option to go for.

Healing Tome

Healing Tome is another popular choice among players for the Grand Warden’s hero equipment, sometimes even preferred over the Eternal Tome. When activated, this equipment provides continuous healing to all troops within the Grand Warden’s aura. Secondly, It increases the health recovery of the Grand Warden when he activates his ability and boosts his overall hit points.

However, using both the Eternal Tome and Healing Tome together might not be the best strategy. Since the Eternal Tome already makes your troops invincible for a few seconds, the continuous healing from the Healing Tome might not have as much impact during that time.

A good combination is to pair the Healing Tome with the Rage Gem, especially for air-based attack strategies.

The Healing Tome’s effect lasts twice as long as the Eternal Tome, making it a compelling choice in certain scenarios. It becomes available at Town Hall 13, so players at Town Hall 11 and 12 typically consider the Eternal Tome as their best option.

The choice between Healing Tome and Eternal Tome often comes down to personal preferences and the specific attack strategies players prefer.

Life Gem

The Life Gem is another default equipment for the Grand Warden, and it’s available as soon as you unlock him. Since it’s a default equipment, it might already be at a higher level, if you had a high-level Grand Warden before the Town Hall 16 update. This makes it a good choice for upgrading because you won’t need to invest in as many upgrades, saving you plenty of Ores.

The Life Gem offers a passive ability that boosts the hitpoints of troops and heroes within the Grand Warden’s aura.

It becomes a particularly strong option when paired with the Healing Tome. This combination makes low-hitpoint troops like Balloons, Hog Riders, and Bowlers much more durable, benefiting from both the Life Gem and Healing Tome effects.

Some players opt for the Life Gem in strategies such as LavaLoon and Hybrid Hog Rider attacks, combining it with the Healing Tome. So, if you’re looking for good hero equipment for the Grand Warden, the Life Gem is certainly a solid option.

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