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Heroes - Whiteout Survival

Heroes play a major role in Whiteout Survival. You use heroes to lead rallies and launch attacks against enemies, such as enemy alliances, facilities, special events, beasts, and the chilling polar terrors.

Whiteout Survival categorizes heroes into three different types: Rare, Epic, and Mythic. These hero categories bring their unique abilities and strengths to the game, making your strategies and choices more diverse and exciting.

Rare Heroes

Rare Heroes are the heroes that you can start unlocking right from the beginning of your adventure. To improve their statistics, you’ll need Rare Hero Shards to raise their star levels and rare manuals to boost their skill levels.

These heroes come equipped with four skills, which can be upgraded for improved performance. Among these four skills, two fall under the category of exploration skills, while the other two are classified as expedition skills.

There are four Rare Heroes in the game right now. Here is the list of those heroes:

  • Eugene
  • Smith
  • Charlie
  • Cloris

Epic Heroes

Epic Heroes outshine Rare Heroes and are a step up in terms of expertise. Despite their improved abilities, they are still quite accessible and can be unlocked through various means, including intel missions, hero hall recruiting, events, exploration, and packs.

The advantage of Epic Heroes over Rare Heroes lies in their additional exploration skill. While Rare Heroes have two exploration skills and two expedition skills, Epic Heroes offer a broader range with three exploration skills and two expedition skills.

This extra exploration skill provides an edge to Epic Heroes.

There are eight Epic Heroes in the game right now. Here is the list of those heroes:

  • Bahiti
  • Patrick
  • Sergey
  • Gina
  • Jesse
  • Jasser
  • Seo-yoon
  • Walis Bokan

Mythic Heroes

Mythic Heroes stand as the most superior hero type, surpassing others in multiple ways. Firstly, they have a total of six skills, offering a balance of three exploration skills and three expedition skills. For comparison, Rare Heroes have four skills, and Epic Heroes have five.

Additionally, Mythic Heroes enjoy another advantage with an extra gear slot, exclusive to them which is known as Mythic Hero Exclusive Gear. This exclusive gear contributes significantly to their superior status by providing various powerful buffs.

For example, Molly’s Yeti Spirit gear boosts her Attack, Damage, Health, and Lethality. Moreover, it enhances the lethality and health of all Lancer class troops and heroes.

How to Unlock Mythic Heroes

Unlocking Mythic heroes in Whiteout Survival presents a greater challenge compared to other hero types. Molly, a Mythic hero, is an exception and is easily available for free. Players obtain her upon beginning the game and completing the introductory tutorial.

However, getting other Mythic heroes typically involves more effort or even in-game purchases.

For example, Natalia, another Mythic hero, can only be obtained by making a purchase within the game. Once a purchase is made, Natalia is unlocked and added to your hero roster.

Other Mythic heroes may be obtained through achieving top positions on leaderboards in specific events such as the Hall of Chiefs or King of Icefield. Additionally, some Mythic heroes become available through the Hall of Heroes event.

Mythic Hero Generations

Mythic Heroes are organized into different generations. Servers progress through these generations as they age, starting from generation one and advancing up to generation six.

As a server reaches a new generation, a fresh set of Mythic Heroes becomes accessible in the Heroes tab for potential unlocking.

However, the availability of these Mythic Heroes varies. Some heroes, as previously mentioned, require in-game purchases to unlock. On the other hand, others can be obtained through participation in various in-game events.

Generation 1 Heroes

  • Jeronimo
  • Molly
  • Zinman
  • Natalia

Generation 2 Heroes

  • Alonso
  • Philly
  • Flint

Generation 3 Heroes

  • Logan
  • Mia
  • Greg

Generation 4 Heroes

  • Lynn
  • Ahmose
  • Reina

Generation 5 Heroes

  • Hector
  • Norah
  • Gwen

Generation 6 Heroes

  • Wayne
  • Renee
  • Wu Ming

Hero Categories

Heroes are classified into two primary categories: class and duty.

The class categorization is based on the hero’s role on the battlefield:

  1. Infantry: Engage in close combat.
  2. Marksman: Stay at a distance, using ranged weapons.
  3. Lancer: Positioned between Infantry and Marksman, attacking from a distance while being behind Infantry and in front of Marksman.

The duty categorization is based on the hero’s responsibilities and skills:

  • Combat Heroes (indicated by a red crossed-swords icon): Possess Expedition skills aiding in combat during map engagements.
  • Growth Heroes (marked with a green hammer icon): Possess Expedition skills enhancing building production in your town and providing bonuses for gathering on the map. An exception is Zinman’s 3rd Expedition skill, offering a combat buff during map activities.

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