Whiteout Survival: Fire Crystals

Fire Crystals Whiteout Survival

Fire Crystals are a special kind of resource in Whiteout Survival that become available when your city’s Furnace reaches level 30. You have the option to use Fire Crystals for upgrading different buildings within your city. These particular upgrades are referred to as Fire Crystal upgrades and are divided into levels FC1 through FC5.

To advance from one FC level to the next, you need to complete five upgrades for that specific building. For instance, if you’re aiming to elevate your level 30 Furnace to FC1, you’ll need to carry out five consecutive upgrades for the Furnace.

Fire Crystal Troops

When you upgrade your Military Camps past level 30 using Fire Crystals, you get access to Fire Crystal troops. Once a Military Camp reaches Fire Crystal levels, all the troops will automatically transform into Fire Crystal troops. As you progress through different Fire Crystal levels, your troops will gain extra stat boosts.

By reaching Fire Crystal level 3, your troops will also get an additional skill. As you advance to Fire Crystal level 5, this skill will undergo an upgrade, becoming even more powerful.

How to get Fire Crystals

Fire Crystals can be obtained through intel missions, although the amount you receive from these missions is typically quite limited. If you’re looking for a more substantial quantity of Fire Crystals, you have the option to buy Fire Crystal packs from the in-game store.

These packs offer a larger amount of Fire Crystals compared to what you get from intel missions.

Additionally, you have the option to obtain Fire Crystals using Sunfire Tokens in the State of Power shop. These Sunfire Tokens can be obtained through various methods, such as completing maximum mission rewards and engaging in the SVS Battle Phase.

Fire Crystals vs Fire Crystal Shards

Fire Crystal Shards are different from regular Fire Crystals. You can obtain Fire Crystal Shards by purchasing packs from the in-game store or participating in the “Flame and Fangs” event. You can also get Fire Crystals Shards by exchanging Fire Crystals.

These shards are used for research purposes at the War Academy. In contrast, Fire Crystals are used for upgrading buildings to Fire Crystal levels, making them even more powerful.

Fire Crystal Requirements

Command Center2631475667
Infantry Camp5971107126150
Marksman Camp5971107126150
Lancer Camp5971107126150
Fire Crystals required by each Building in Whiteout Survival

The table above displays the quantity of Fire Crystals needed for each building that qualifies for Fire Crystal upgrades. Remember that you must initially upgrade these buildings to level 30 before you can start the Fire Crystal upgrades.

Each building retains its Fire Crystal level until it undergoes five upgrades. If your goal is to advance a building from FC1 to FC2, you’ll need to perform five upgrades in total.

Let’s say you’re aiming to upgrade the Lancer Camp from FC1 to FC2. To accomplish this, you’ll have to perform five consecutive upgrades on the Lancer Camp.

Each of these upgrades would need 71 Fire Crystals. Therefore, the complete journey to elevate the Lancer Camp from FC1 to FC2 would need a total of 355 Fire Crystals.

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