Whiteout Survival: Essence Stones

Whiteout Survival: Essence Stones

Essence Stones are special items used for Mastery Forging in Whiteout Survival. You can get Essence Stones from Bear Hunting, the Emporium of Enigma (which is available during the Frosty Fortune Event), Tundra Trading Station, and various shops like the Mystery Shop, Foundry Shop, and VIP Shop.

How to Use Essence Stones

Once a Mythic Hero Gear reaches level 20, you have the option to enhance its strength using Essence Stones. This enhancement process, known as Mastery Forging, involves using Essence Stones to improve your Mythic Hero Gears.

However, you can only perform Mastery Forging if your Furnace level is 20 or higher, as this feature becomes available at Furnace Level 20. It’s worth noting that, currently, Essence Stones are exclusively used for Mastery Forging and serve no other purpose in the game.

How to Get Essence Stones

Essence Stones are among the most challenging items to obtain in Whiteout Survival because of the massive power boost they offer to Mythic Hero Gears. Essence Stones can be obtained from various sources within the game.

Here are the ways you can get Essence Stones:

  • Bear Hunting Event
  • Frosty Fortune Event
  • Tundra Trading Station
  • Mystery Shop
  • Foundry Shop
  • VIP Shop

Bear Hunting

The Bear Hunting Event is an opportunity for Alliance members to team up and track down the powerful Raging Bear. Participating in Bear Hunting not only yields generous rewards but also gives Essence Stones.

To get Essence Stones during the Bear Hunt event, it’s necessary to deal a minimum of 325,000 to 745,000 damage.

Tundra Trading Station

The Tundra Trading Station is another event where you can get Essence Stones. In this event, you can trade in extra Epic and Mythic Hero Shards in exchange for Vouchers.

These Vouchers can later be used to obtain Essence Stones, as well as a variety of other special items.

Frosty Fortune Event

Frosty Fortune presents another opportunity to acquire Essence Stones. In this event, your task involves completing daily missions that earn you Treasure Hunt Points.

As you hit specific point goals, you can earn Gems of Enigma. These Gems can be used to unlock chests containing Thorn of Enigma. With Thorn of Enigma, you’re able to purchase Essence Stones.

Mystery Shop

You can also get Essence Stones by buying them from the Mystery Shop. To make such purchases, you’ll require Mystery Badges. You can collect these badges by opening the final chest in your daily missions or by buying the Mystery Badge pack from the in-game store.

Foundry Shop

You also have the option of obtaining Essence Stones by purchasing them using Arsenal Tokens in the Foundry Shop. These tokens are exclusively available through Foundry Battles, an event that takes place every few weeks.

VIP Shop

Essence Stones can also be bought from the VIP Shop using gems, but this requires reaching VIP level 11. Reaching VIP level 11 might take a considerable amount of time.


In conclusion, Essence Stones play a major role in enhancing the power of Mythic Hero Gears through Mastery Forging. Despite their importance, getting these stones can be challenging due to the huge benefits they offer.

You can secure Essence Stones through a variety of means, such as participating in events like Bear Hunting, engaging in the Tundra Trading Station’s Shard exchange, and completing missions during the Frosty Fortune event.

Additionally, obtaining them from the Mystery Shop with Mystery Badges and purchasing them through Arsenal Tokens in the Foundry Shop are viable options.

For those who have reached VIP level 11, Essence Stones are also available in the VIP Shop. As you explore these options, the hunt of Essence Stones will undoubtedly contribute to your journey of becoming a true chief.

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