SOULS: Runes Guide and Enhancement Cost

Runes Guide and Enhancement Costs

In SOULS by Habby, runes are special items that boost a hero’s abilities like Attack, Defense, Dodge, and more. Every rune enhances specific abilities when connected to a hero.

If you upgrade a rune using Rune Crystals, you can’t undo it to retrieve the crystals. It’s worth noting that if you attach a legendary rune to a hero, you’ll need to spend 200 gems to transfer it to a different hero.

Best Runes and Sub-Stats

When choosing runes for different hero types, consider these suggestions:

Best Runes

  • For Damage Dealers (like Sander): Onslaught (and Penetration for Sander).
  • For Tanks: Life.
  • For Healers: Onslaught.
  • For Support: Onslaught or Life (and Defense for Olga).

Best Sub-Stats

  • Damage Dealers: Aim for Attack, Crit Rate, and Penetration.
  • Tanks: Focus on HP, Defense, Physical Resistance, Magic Resistance, and Dodge.
  • Healers: Prioritize Attack.
  • Support: Consider Attack and HP.

For heroes with a speed range of 60-80, adding a Speed +10 sub-stat can be incredibly advantageous. You can even create a “speed rune” by using multiple Speed sub-stats into one rune.

This strategy helps support heroes like Lulu to activate their abilities quicker, providing a strategic advantage in battles.

Divine Runes

When you’re rolling/re-rolling the 5th sub-stat on a legendary rune, there’s a small chance it can transform into a Divine sub-stat.

To change this 5th sub-stat, you’ll need a Red Abyss Stone. These stones are acquired by breaking down other legendary runes using alchemy. Just a heads-up, avoid breaking down runes related to attack or health.

Divine stats come in six different types:

  1. Survival Will: If your HP drops below 30%, your Attack (ATK) and Defense (DEF) increase by 30%.
  2. Potential: At the beginning of each round, you have a 40% chance to gain 50 Energy.
  3. Reincarnation: Upon death, there’s a 20% chance you’ll revive at the start of the next round with 50% HP.
  4. Might of Desperation: When you use an active skill, there’s a 20% chance to use the skill one more time.
  5. Regeneration of Life: At the start of every round, you recover 8% of your max HP.
  6. Grim Reaper’s Grasp: Enhances the damage caused by Damage-over-Time (DoT) attacks by 20%.

Rune Enhancement Cost

RarityMax UpgradesTotal Cost (Rune Crystals)Cost to Reroll (Rune Crystals)
SOULS (Habby): Rune Enhancement Costs

Credits: Thanks to moth, nyx, and FaZe Toothless for the data provided in the article.

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