SOULS: Equipment Enhancement Requirements Chart

Souls Habby: Equipment Enhancement Cost

In SOULS by Habby, equipment refers to items that heroes can use to boost their abilities. These items come in five types: grey, green, blue, purple, and the most powerful, red (known as legendary equipment).

Legendary equipment, being the best, can reach a maximum level of 100. To access legendary equipment, you need to reach Chest 16+ in the Abyssal Cave.

Enhancing equipment is possible by using Enhancement Stones, Coins, and Abyssal Embers (for Red+). Moreover, you have the option to reset equipment, which allows you to retrieve the Enhancement Stones and Coins you’ve used.

Equipment Enhancement Cost

TypeEnhancement StonesCoinsAbyssal Embers
Blue+10,350 103KN/A
Purple+55,500 550KN/A
Red+236K2,095K5 Blue each (20 total)
Red++293K2,524K5 Purple each (20 total)
Red+++365K2,926K5 Red each (20 total)
SOULS (Habby): Equipment Enhancement Cost

Credits: Thanks to moth for providing the equipment enhancement cost.

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